DCP Participates in India’s REDECON 2016

Don Construction Chemicals India Ltd (DCP India) participated in the International Conference and Exhibition on Recent Developments in Design and Construction Technologies of Tall Structures (REDECON) in Bangalore, India, November 9-12, 2016. The conference brought together architects, engineers, contractors, scientists, manufacturers and more from India and abroad to share their knowledge and expertise on recent developments and research on tall structures.

DCP India focused on showcasing its Hyperplast Range high performance superplasticising admixtures based on polycarboxylic polymers with long chains specially designed to enable the water content of the concrete to perform more effectively. DCP showcased several of its tall structure case studies from India, but focused on 2 international projects that encompassed how far Hyperplast range of products can take tall structures.

One case study was that of Bulgaria’s tallest building, Capital Fort, that is 126 m (413 ft) tall and used DCP’s Hyperplast PC200 throughout the different structures’ elements. Another project showcased was Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah (Kingdom) Tower that is expected to be the tallest building in the world at 1,007 m (3,304 ft) tall. DCP’s Hyperplast PC600 played a critical role  in achieving the requirement of a high performance concrete for the pile foundations reaching up to 125 m in depth that is 8 hours flowable and workable with minimal effect on setting time and no effect on ultimate strength of 60 MPa.

The team met with many consultants and builders, especially from Tier 2 cities in India and received great feedback and interest.  In addition, inquiries were received about DCP’s other high and special performance admixtures, grouts and anchors, concrete repair, waterproofing and more.

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