High build flexible chemical resistant epoxy polysulphide coating
  • Non-toxic and suitable for use in contact with potable water (for grade Strongcoat EPW-P).
  • Produces a seamless, glossy, glass-like surface that is both easy to clean and does not induce bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Excellent resistance to a variety of chemicals, oils and fuel.
  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance.
  • UV and weather resistant.
  • Flexible; able to bridge cracks up to 2 mm.

Strongcoat EPW is a solvent free, flexible, high build epoxy polysulphide resin coating. Strongcoat EPW is available in two grades; Strongcoat EPW-P for use in contact with potable water reservoirs and Strongcoat EPW-S for use in sewage treatment tanks, chemical plants, etc.

Strongcoat EPW has outstanding chemical and mechanical properties to protect concrete and steel from aggressive environment or wide range of chemicals.


Strongcoat EPW is available in 6 kg packs (4 litres) and 18 kg packs (12 litres).


0.75 kg/m² per 500 microns DFT per 2 coats. Higher 
thicknesses can be achieved with either multiple application or by using airless spray machines.

Shelf Life

Strongcoat EPW has a shelf life of 12 months if stored in dry conditions at room temperature in original unopened packs.


  • Strongcoat EPW-P complies with the requirements of BS 6920:2000.


Strongcoat EPW is designed for variety of applications such as:

  • Heavy duty protective and waterproof coating for concrete and steel.
  • Strongcoat EPW-P is suitable for use with potable water retaining structures and reservoirs.
  • Strongcoat EPW-S is suitable for use in reservoirs containing sewage sludge, chemical, oils and fuel.
  • Heavy duty wall and floor coating in food processing plants, grain silos, dairies, breweries and car parks.

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