High performance polyurethane based protective coating
  • Excellent UV resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to splashes of a variety of chemicals and sewage water.
  • Exhibits good mechanical properties.
  • Available in different colours including clear colour.

Repcoat PS is a high quality UV resistant semi gloss protective polyurethane coating. It is supplied as two component product ready for on site mixing and use.

Repcoat PS can be applied outdoor and indoor to steel and concrete surfaces. Repcoat PS will provide very good protection to a variety of surfaces exposed to aggressive environments.


Coloured Repcoat PS is available in 6.75 kg packs (5 litre) and 27 kg packs (20 litre).
Clear Repcoat PS is available in 5 and 20 litre with volume mixing ratio of 4:1 between base and hardener.Repcoat PS Primer is available in 5 kg packs (3.85 litre) and 20 kg packs (15.4 litre).


Coloured Repcoat PS: Approximately 0.08 - 0.17 litre/m²/coat to acheive a dry fi lm thickness between 50 - 100 microns.
Clear Repcoat PS: Approximately 0.06 - 0.14 litre/m²/coat to achieve a dry film thickness between 30 - 70 microns.
Pepcoat P Primer: Approximately 0.12 - 0.16 litre/m²/coat to achieve a dry film thickness between 70 - 90 microns.


Repcoat PS and Repcoat PS Primer have a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture if stored in dry conditions at a temperature of 25°C in original unopened packs.


Repcoat PS is designed to give external protection on areas such as:

  • Steel tanks.
  • Chemical processing areas.
  • Concrete walls and floors.
  • Protective UV coating over wide range of epoxy systems.

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