The Green Affordable Housing Project


Don Construction Products-Jordan was  honored to contribute in “The Green Affordable Housing Initiative” that aims to  create a green and adequate housing for several low income communities in  Jordan.

For the last a few weeks, DCP  Jordan donated several of our high quality products to renovate and upgrade the  existing conditions of one house at Dulail town in order to create a healthier  environmental quality for the occupants and provide a pleasant attractive  exterior finishing for the house. This was done by providing DCP’s External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) to maintain a thermally insulated building envelope as well as attractive external finishing for the facades. In addition, DCP Jordan provided Setseal B for roof waterproofing, Cemcoat Putty to treat interior walls and partitions as well as Proplast RC50 and Proplast CM15 to treat external walls and fences.

DCP Jordan’s sales team has done several site visits in order to train the local builder on-site about the best practices to use and install our products.

This donation was made in cooperation with Jordan Green Building Council who launched this initiative and CBO Basmet Shabab in Dulail town. We hope that this pilot project will pave the road toward more environmentally friendly and energy efficient housing in Jordan’s market.

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