Free flow non-shrink grout for post tensioned cables
  • A non-shrink grout which is compensated for shrinkage and settlement in the plastic stage.
  • An extremely low permeability grout at low water to cement ratio.
  • Reduces the ingress of harmful substances.
  • High bond to steel.
  • High initial and ultimate strength.
  • Chloride and hydrogen free.
  • Flo-Grout CR can be supplied with an Anti-corrosion impregnating additive.

Flo-Grout CR is a pre-packed powder consisting of cement selected, admixtures and expansive material. Flo-Grout CR reduces the water demand at the desired flow, producing high strength grout with low permeability and excellent bond to steel. The low permeability grout
produced will reduce the ingress of harmful agents and will protect the cables from corrosion.


Flo-Grout CR is available in 20 kg bags.


Approximately 13.25 litre of mixed grout is obtained when mixing 20 kg Flo-Grout CR, and 6.5 litre water.

Shelf Life

Flo-Grout CR has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture if stored at temperatures between 5°C and 35°C in original unopened bags.


  • Flo-Grout CR complies with EN 447.


Flo-Grout CR is ideally designed as free flow grouting in post tensioned cables used in bridges, deck ducts, etc.
It is also suitable for use in cable ducts and pre-stressed structural elements.

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