Two coat machine applied interior grade lightweight cementitious leveling plaster with improved heat and sound insulation and mould resistance
  • Easy to use, requires only addition of water.
  • Lightweight, with excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces.
  • Can be applied by spray or trowel.
  • Provides for better heat and sound insulation than normal plasters.
  • Produce a hard and durable finish.
  • Dimensionally stable, does not shrink upon drying. 
  • Vapour permeable and breathable resulting in a healthier environment.
  • Does not support bacterial, mould or fungal growth.
  • Nonflammable.

Proplast PP700 is a pre-mixed, cement based plaster with perlite filler which when applied to wall surfaces such as ceilings, gypsum walls, bricks, concrete, aerated concrete, etc. provides excellent acoustic properties and excellent heat and fire resistant factors.

Proplast PP700 produces a strong durable finish, with good surface hardness and textured appearance.


Proplast PP700 is available in 20 kg bags.


Approximately 2.6 m²/20 kg bag at a 10 mm thickness.

Shelf Life

Proplast PP700 has a shelf life of 6 months from date of manufacture if stored in a covered dry area.


Proplast PP700 is suitable for use on internal walls in commercial and residential buildings as well as hotels, hospitals and schools, and can be applied directly to any concrete or brick surfaces.

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