Multi-purpose ready to use smooth finishing and putty plaster for internal applications
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrates..
  • Easy to apply, ready to use single component.
  • Easy to smoothen after drying using fine sandpaper.
  • Excellent drying time.
  • Environmentally friendly, water based material.

Doncoat is an interior grade, ready to use smooth finishing and putty plaster for all common construction substrates including concrete surfaces, cementitious plaster, gypsum and plaster boards.
The unique composition of Doncoat makes it ideally suitable to provide an even and smooth surface ready for final paint application, filling hairline cracks as well as filling and finishing over gypsum and cement boards joints.


Doncoat is available in 5 and 25 kg packages.


Approximately 1.7 kg/m² at 1 mm thickness.


Keep tightly sealed, store under cover in a dry area at room temperature, protect from freezing, exposure to extreme heat and direct sunlight.

Shelf Life

Doncoat has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture if stored in original unopened bags.


Doncoat is designed for use internally in the following applications:

  • Fairing and smoothing concrete, cementitious plaster, wood, gypsum and plaster boards prior to applying finishing coats.
  • Filling hairline cracks in walls and ceiling as well as the minor damage in plaster work and nail holes in substrates.
  • Filling and levelling over gypsum and cement boards joints, fasteners and trim.

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