Expansive and plasticising grout admixture for pre-casted concrete elements
  • Will produce a non-shrink grout which is compensated for shrinkage in the plastic stage.
  • Will produce a free flow grout without water bleeding.
  • Reduces the ingress of harmful substances.
  • High bond to pre-casted concrete elements.
  • High initial and ultimate strength.
  • Chloride free.

Flo-Add 20 is a pre-packed powder consisting of selected admixtures and expansive ingredients that when mixed with cement/sand mixture produces a high flow, nonshrink and non-segregate grout for filling the gaps and joints between pre-casted concrete elements.


Flo-Add 20 is available in 1 kg bag.


Flo-Add 20 has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture if stored at temperatures between 2°C and 50°C in original unopened bags.


  • The use of Flo-Add 20 enables the grout mix to comply with ASTM C1107-02 Type A.


Flo-Add 20 is designed to be mixed with cement/sand mixture to produce a non-shrink grout for the following applications:
  • Filling the gaps and voids between pre-casted concrete elements.
  • Filling cracks, holes and grooves in concrete substrates.
  • Filling of shutter tie rod openings.

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