Topping Pigmented (20 kg)

Coloured industrial grade floor topping

Cemflow Topping Pigmented is designed as an industrial grade floor topping for upgrading and renovating new and existing internal floors. Cemflow Topping Pigmented is supplied as a pre-blended dry powder designed for application between 5 mm to 15 mm (in one application) to provide a finished hardwearing floor surface.

Cemflow Topping Pigmented is self-smoothing, dimensionally stable, and fast drying. It is suitable for use in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments such as schools, showrooms, galleries, hospitals, factories, warehouses etc. subjected to medium to heavy traffic. It is also protein free so may be used in biologically sensitive areas.

Cemflow Topping Pigmented is suitable for application on to a wide range of subfloor types, including; sand and cement screeds, concrete, terazzo, granolithic, epoxy and polyurethane resins and waterproof membranes. 

Typically Cemflow Topping Pigmented can be pumped up to 1500 m² per day. Coverage of 600 m² can be achieved when hand applied, dependent upon manpower and equipment used.

We would recommend that Cemflow Topping Pigmented is always sealed with Cemflow Sealer. (Further information is available from our Technical Department or the Product Data Sheets).


Cemflow Topping Pigmented is available in 20 kg sack.


A 20 kg bag using 4.00 litre of clean water will yield approximately 12.0 litre.
A 20 kg pack of Cemflow Topping Pigmented will cover approximately 2.4 m² at 5 mm thickness.


Protect from frost and store under dry warehouse conditions at a temperature between 10°C and 30°C.

Shelf Life

Cemflow Topping Pigmented has a shelf life of 6 months in unopened bags and stored under good conditions.

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